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Moodle has Flavours

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Over the last few months I’ve had the privilege to mentor a young, upcoming developer who has been working on Moodle, supported by Google through the Google Summer of Code (GSoC). David Monllao has been working on a new system called Flavours.

What is a Flavour?

A Flavour is a packaged collection of settings, languages and contributed plugins that can be shared between instances of Moodle.

You can package up a Flavour on one site, email it to a friend, and they can deploy the Flavour on their site.

Deploying a package

Deploying a package

Who’s it useful for?

Flavours will be useful to:

  • administrators starting a new site with help from another administrator;
  • developers wanting to set up multiple working sites; and
  • Moodle Partners and hosting providers want to set up commonly configured sites quickly.

Where do I get it?

The Flavours plugin is a Moodle local module for Moodle 2.x.

David has created an entry for it in the Moodle Modules and Plugins DB. Get it here…

Keep an eye out for it on the new Moodle Plugins repository soon. (For more info about the new Plugins repository, see my last post.)


Thanks to David for his efforts. It was easy having such a good student.

Thanks to Google for putting up the cash. Both the Moodle Community and David will undoubtedly benefit from this experience.

I should also acknowledge that Google is paying my way to the GSoC Mentor Summit in October, but I’d still say good things about this program, even if they weren’t.


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I'm a husband, dad and Development Manger at Moodle HQ.

One thought on “Moodle has Flavours

  1. Thanks to David for his efforts. It was easy having such a good student

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