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New Moodle Plugins repository coming soon

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Update (20110902): The new Plugins repository is open for business…

The hardy developers at Moodle HQ have been working on a new Plugins repository system that is just about ready for public release on

Up to now, contributed modules have been served up on the Modules and Plugins DB, which is a customised Moodle Database activity module that we have lovingly referred to as M&P for many years.

What’s new?

The new Plugins repository system (or just Plugins for short) adds the following functionality over the previous system.

Authoritative ratings, reviews and awards
Some institutions run with thousands of students, but even the smallest installation is valuable. How do you know that the plugin that you are about to install is trustworthy? The new Plugins system will allow authorised users to provide reviews and rate plugins. There will also be the potential for plugins to earn awards. Reviews and ratings will be locked to specific versions so you will know you are getting the code that was reviewed. Talking about versioning…
The new system will allow you to keep up with the latest version of your favourite plugins. It also gives developers more freedom on how they maintain their code, from simply uploading a zip to the potential to support the version control system of their choice. This will hopefully encourage new Moodle developers as well as pleasing the veterans. These changes pave the way for future developments that will hopefully allow you to see if the plugins installed on your system are out of date and if there is a new version.
Screenshots, logos and other eye-candy
The new system will allow you to quickly see what a plugin will look like. Developers can create logos for their contribution so they can be identified quickly.
Developer information
Developers work hard creating plugins and sharing them with the world – they deserve credit for their contribution. You will now see information about developers, maintainers and other contributors with each plugin. Unlike M&P, a team of contributors can now be shown. You will also be able see what other contributions your favourite developers have created; you can even keep track of their contributions by RSS.


With this new system in place and ready to go public, it is hoped that developers will be inspired to update their contributions. At first, it is likely that only modules with a Moodle 2.x version (plus earlier versions if applicable) will be accepted into the Plugins repository. This will also mean that CONTRIB-lovers will no longer have to wade through hundreds of unmaintained contributions.


Special credit is due to Sam Hemelryk and Marina Glancy for their continuing work on the system.

Also worth recognising is the contribution of CONTRIB Coordinator Anthony Borrow.


Author: Michael de Raadt

I'm a husband, dad and Development Manger at Moodle HQ.

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