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Wanted: Devs at Moodle HQ

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I’m not sure what people think goes on at Moodle HQ. I certainly didn’t really know until I arrived here earlier this year.

There are 13 Developers at Moodle HQ, including myself (although I do more managing than development), so it’s not the army of workers I believe some people assume we have. Ten of those developers are located in Perth (where I am) and the others are in Spain and the Czech Republic. The developers are all very skillful. After spending years teaching developers, I have a good idea of what constitutes a good developer, and all the guys and gals here at HQ are ‘right up there’ with the best. Add to that an enthusiasm for working on an open source project, and a really friendly atmosphere, and you have a great team, keen to turn out a great system.

Even though Moodle is open source, we’re all well paid and have regular holidays. Working at Moodle is much like working elsewhere based on those sorts of working conditions. The bonus is that we’re giving something useful to the community, so there’s no sales pitch and that makes it easier to sleep at night.

Right now Moodle is growing, and in response to that, Moodle HQ is growing as well. We’re looking for talented developers to join us in Perth. If you love Moodle; if you love cranking out code; if you love fixing problems; if you love the idea of creating something that helps people all over the world… why not send us your CV (details here).

Moodle HQ Caricature


Author: Michael de Raadt

I'm a husband, dad and Development Manger at Moodle HQ.

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