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What Devs are targetting for Moodle 2.2

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RoadmapMoodle 2.1.1 is just about to be released and developers at Moodle HQ are now busy working on Moodle 2.2.

So you might be wondering what’s being targeted for the next major release.

Quick summary: 2.2 will focus on assessment and grading.

Major Targets

  • Adding rubrics and work on grading interfaces
    Rubrics allow instructors to define how students will be graded on a piece of assessment. Functionality will be added to core Moodle so all modules that support grading will be able to use rubrics. There will also be other work going on with grading interfaces
  • Assignment refactor
    The four core assignment types are about to be combined. Look out in the not-too-distant future for group-based assignments making their way into core (although probably not in 2.2).
  • Files interface improvements
    There will be some improvements to files interface and repository links, hopefully making things more consistent and reducing the number of clicks.


Some contributions that didn’t make it into 2.1 will find their way instead into 2.2. These include:

In 2.1 it is now possible to restore course backups created in 1.9, but currently no user data is restored. With more work coming in 2.2 you should be able to restore user data as well.

Keep an eye on the Moodle Roadmap to get a clearer picture of 2.2 as it unfolds.


Author: Michael de Raadt

I'm a husband, dad and Development Manger at Moodle HQ.

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