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My Moodle Mugshot

My Moodle Mugshot

Well, I guess this is my obligatory first blog post here on WordPress. I’ll take this as an opportunity to introduce myself and state my intentions for this blog.

So, apart from begin an ordinary guy, I’m Development Manger at Moodle HQ. I’ve come to Moodle after a career in academia. I have been teaching software development for quite a while, in fact, my PhD dissertation focussed on that. But now I’ve escaped and I am making my way through the real world.

In my role as Development Manager I now, apparently, have information that the world is interested in. If you desperately want to know what Moodle developers are working on, I can tell you. If you want to hear what goes on behind the scenes at HQ, I’m there. As well as managing developers at HQ, I also have the privilege of triaging issues as they are reported, so I also know what’s not with Moodle (and if it’s likely to get fixed).

Usually I’m a man of few words. Enough said.


Author: Michael de Raadt

I'm a husband, dad, manager and education technologist.

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